Reversible running/trail technical belt - THUNDER RUNNERS

Reversible running/trail technical belt - THUNDER RUNNERS

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Feel that electricity that fills you inside when you reach your goals. Run like lightning and don't let anything stop you!

And as the belt's motto says, "run the extra mile" thanks to its multiple uses that will make you go further!

This reversible belt has 4 large- capacity pockets to carry the minimum necessary material, essentials such as keys, mobile phones up to 6", bars, GoPro... and allows you to carry up to 0.5L of water.

You are going to purchase a product made by athletes for athletes, a high-quality garment manufactured in a ethical and sustainable in Spain, a few kilometers from our headquarters.

Furthermore we are solidarity , 3% of the price of this purchase goes to support entities that improve our animal and natural environment.

And all our packaging is recycled or recyclable .


- Trail, Running, Ski touring, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling, Trekking...

Size guide  

VERY IMPORTANT - Before making your purchase, we recommend that you choose your size following this guide; if in doubt, choose the larger size .


  • 40% Topazzio polyamide

  • 40% Polyether Shield Endurance

  • 20% Lycra


- It weighs only 50 grams , and has four pockets to carry everything. 

- Belt REVERSIBLE , with a different design inside so you can choose the color that best suits your outfit. 

- Their Topazzio and Shield Endurance fabrics are elastic and non-fading fabrics, which are used for high-end cycling shorts. They provide firmness, elasticity and comfort. They allow you to add volume to your pockets and have a very good grip.

- The upper and lower band support most of the weight, giving structure to the belt, making it very comfortable to wear, without bounce and with an optimal fit.

- Large rear pocket, semi-closed (that is, only half of the pocket can be opened) system to avoid losing our most valuable items, and with capacity for a Soft Flask or bottle of up to 0.5L. 

- 2 side pockets to carry gels, bars, keys, whistle, thermal blanket... 

- On the front, it has a large semi-closed pocket, to carry mobile phones up to 6.5", GoPro, money, keys, small windbreaker...

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