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Technical Short Sleeve T-shirt

Technical Short Sleeve T-shirt

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The cheetah is the fastest land mammal on earth, so we want you to bring out your inner cheetah and achieve everything you set your mind to!

And as the motto of this shirt says "Run faster, go further!"

You are going to buy a product made by athletes for athletes, a high-quality garment manufactured ethically and sustainably in Spain, a few kilometers from our headquarters.

We are also supportive , 3% of the price of this purchase goes to support entities that improve our animal and natural environment.

And all our packaging is recycled or recyclable .


- High quality T-shirt made with SOFT AIR PLUS fabric, which offers great comfort and breathability and a long useful life for the product.

- Great freedom of movement.

- Free of irritations and chafing.

- Regular sleeve cut that prevents rubbing on the shoulder when carrying a backpack.

- Lightness, 100g of weight.


- 100% polyester, which stands out for:

  1. It does not deform.
  2. It doesn't stretch.
  3. Doesn't shrink
  4. It is very light.
  5. It absorbs much less moisture.

Size guide

VERY IMPORTANT - Before making your purchase we recommend that you choose your size by following this guide. In this way you will save yourself the loss of time and money that returns entail.


Comfort +

As athletes, we consider this basic aspect for the evolution of the garments and to maintain a first level quality standard in our products.

If there is no great comfort there is no good performance.

Breathability +

We use fibers with high breathability designed to provide advantages in an intensive and long-term sport.

SoftAir Plus is a fiber that transports moisture to the outside so that it evaporates, this process being faster than with natural fibers or other synthetic fibers. Keeps the body dry increasing comfort and performance even in the most extreme conditions.


Manufactured with a high degree of thermoregulation to make a difference compared to other similar products.

Softair Plus is an intelligent fiber that, depending on the use and the conditions in which it is used, provides freshness or heat to the body. In high ambient temperatures it acts by expelling body heat and absorbing external freshness. In cold conditions or low physical performance, it acts as a thermal insulator, keeping the heat stable.

textile sublimation

This technology allows us to create spectacular designs in full color and with great definition without adding thickness or weight to the garment. In addition, it will maintain its vividness and color throughout its useful life, as long as its conditions of use and maintenance are respected.

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